Top 30 undrafted free agents to watch

It was a bit surprising that both Victor Ochi and Glenn Gronkowski went undrafted. AP Photo, USA TODAY Sports 160509

At one point last year, the Seattle Seahawks carried 24 undrafted free agents. That's more than most, but it's pretty common for undrafted players to make up 15 to 20 percent of any NFL team. With the current draft format of just seven rounds, being undrafted doesn't make you a sleeper -- we see undrafted impact players all over the league.

I've gone through early-impact players from Round 1, Rounds 2-3 and Rounds 4-7, and I want to take one final look at the 2016 draft with some names that jumped out at me as undrafted players began to sign.

Here are 30 names to watch. These aren't ranked, like I would for prospects; I just wanted to point out players to keep an eye on.

Victor Ochi, OLB, Baltimore Ravens

Most teams didn't feel his dominant play in the FCS would translate to NFL production, but Ochi can set the edge and has the potential to stick.

Glenn Gronkowski, FB, Buffalo Bills

He's not the second coming, but he was one of the two best fullbacks in the draft and has a chance to make the Bills' roster.

Eric Striker, OLB, Buffalo Bills

Undersized but productive, Striker can flat out rush the passer. The question is if he can help beyond that.