Ranking the top 25 NFL free agents in Class of 2017

The addition of four players who were franchised this offseason gives the 2017 free-agent class a boost.

Kirk Cousins, Eric Berry, Alshon Jeffery and Trumaine Johnson didn't reach long-term deals with their teams, and history says at least two of them will hit free agency while one will leave. From 2012 to 2015, 19 of 38 franchise players reached long-term deals with their teams. Of the 19 who didn't get long-term deals, 11 left for other teams.

The 2017 free-agency class will be filled with several players from the 2013 draft, which wasn't considered a particularly strong one. So far, only 16 draft choices from that year have made the Pro Bowl. Still, the class is interesting. Three players who were given the franchise tag this year rank among my top 10 free agents for next year.

One thing to remember: Many of the players on the list below won't make free agency in 2017 because their teams will lock them up to extensions or give them the franchise tag.

Here's my top 25: