Techniques NFL players at every position should steal

Young quarterbacks and cornerbacks can learn a lot from watching Tom Brady and Richard Sherman. Getty Images

Watch the best. Study the technique. That's a major part of development with young players in the NFL. Sure, reps count. And those live game reps are the best teaching tool in the business.

But the ability to steal from the studs in the league is also a vital part of the learning process at the pro level. You want to get better? Then turn on the film, take out a notebook and focus on the footwork, hands, eyes, etc. of the top players at your position. Fundamentals? They never go out of style in a league loaded with talent.

So, who should these young cats study and what can they learn from the tape when watching some of the best? Today, let's examine the top techniques by position. From Tom Brady's footwork in the pocket to Richard Sherman's press-man skills, there is plenty to learn when the film is rolling.


Tom Brady's footwork/pocket management

It's subtle. But it's also really sweet. Brady doesn't have top-tier athleticism in the pocket, and he isn't going to move like Aaron Rodgers when plays start to break down. But the key here is Brady's ability to create throwing lanes -- and time -- with his feet. Slide, step up/climb, give ground. This guy is so good at manipulating the pass rush and managing the pocket while keeping his eyes and footwork in unison. That's a practiced, developed skill that young quarterbacks (at every level) should be studying. Brady owns the pocket. A master of technique.