Ranking 1-3 NFL teams most likely to bounce back

Slacking Panthers offense cost them the game against Falcons (1:03)

ESPN NFL analyst Tom Waddle is confident that with or without Cam Newton, the Panthers' schedule looks promising for them to recover from their loss to the Falcons. (1:03)

Odds are against NFL teams making the playoffs after a 1-3 start.

Only 14 percent of teams that started 1-3 made the playoffs since 1990, when the playoff format was changed. That's 26 out of 183. There is some recent success, however. The Texans and Chiefs did it last season.

What makes it tough this year is the number of 1-3 teams -- 13 -- and the number of times they face each other. For example, this week, the 1-3 Titans play the 1-3 Dolphins, the 1-3 Bears play the 1-3 Colts and the 1-3 Buccaneers play the 1-3 Panthers.

Here's how I rank the 1-3 teams on their chances to rebound and how likely they are to make the playoffs, from best to worst:

1. Carolina Panthers

Unless the Falcons run away with the NFC South, which will be tough because of their schedule, the Panthers have the best chance to bounce back and make a playoff run. While their pass rush has diminished from last season and they have major problems -- and inexperience -- in the secondary, the Panthers are the only team in the division with an accomplished defense. I still think they'll win the NFC South, and that might take only nine or 10 wins.