Why the Chargers should trade Philip Rivers -- and where he could land

Could the Broncos, Jets be trade destinations for Rivers? (1:49)

Will Cain makes the case for the Chargers to trade QB Philip Rivers to the Broncos for either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch as well as a second-round draft pick, whereas Stephen A. Smith sees Rivers as a better fit with the Jets. (1:49)

Five games into what's looking like another lost season, this much is clear: The San Diego Chargers need to rebuild. And that means they should at least consider trading star quarterback Philip Rivers.

It's hard to ever recommend that a team give up a star-level starting quarterback. Such quarterbacks are some of the most consistent and longest-lasting assets in the game. There's a reason the New England Patriots have exported about three generations of backup quarterbacks for draft picks over Tom Brady's sterling career. Even on a team as bereft of talent as the Chargers, Rivers has led them to fifth in offensive Defense-adjusted Value Over Average through Week 5.

You might be a bit surprised to see us making this case, as the Chargers are 11th overall in DVOA and have been more unlucky than completely bad in 2016. But as has usually been the case in San Diego, injuries have decimated the team.