McShay's 2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

ESPN Illustration

The mock draft below, our first to preview 2017, projects all 32 first-round picks. It goes without saying that a lot will change between now and April 27, including the draft order, team needs and the grades of many of our top prospects, as we continue our tape evaluations and dig deeper into intangibles and medical status. Some of the players included here are underclassmen who haven't yet decided whether they'll enter the 2017 draft, and some teams will inevitably undergo regime changes in the coming weeks.

But this mock draft can serve as an early primer on where the draft board stands right now, and the prospects whom teams could be considering with their picks in 2017.

Two important notes: 1. We used ESPN's Football Power Index to project what the order will be at the end of the season, with the three traded first-round picks accounted for. Read more about the FPI here. 2. All juniors or redshirt sophomores are noted with an asterisk.

1. Cleveland Browns

Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama

Let's get this out of the way: No QB in this class is worth the No. 1 pick. The Browns just need more good football players. Allen is a total game-plan wrecker along the defense front (13 tackles for loss, 15 QB hurries). Texas A&M pass-rusher Myles Garrett also figures to be in the mix here.