Mel Kiper's Rookie Big Board: Don't sleep on these RBs

Here's my first update of the top rookies in the NFL. This one goes through Week 2, and I'm including another group of guys who just missed the list at the bottom. I've also included the rankings of where each player landed on my final top 300 prospects list before the 2017 draft. There are already some changes from my preseason All-Rookie team.

Here are the parameters (same as always):

  • This is a measure for all games this season, not just last week.

  • Total snap count matters. Staying on the field is a measure of value.

  • Positional value matters, but overall performance and impact on the team matter more.

  • Relative value matters. I ask: Would this player be a starter on most teams or on a good team?

1. Kareem Hunt, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

Final 2017 Big Board rank: 82

Hunt is the NFL's leading rusher (229 yards), is averaging 7.6 yards per carry and has five total touchdowns. He's deserving of the No. 1 spot. What I liked about the third-round pick from Toledo is that he was involved in the passing game in college -- he had 41 catches for 403 yards in 2016. He already has eight catches for 126 yards and two TDs in Kansas City.