32-1 ranking of NFL offensive tackle duos by pass blocking

We started with a question: Which NFL team has the best -- and worst -- pass-blocking offensive tackle duo?

And thanks to our new Pass Block Win Rate metric, which uses NFL Next Gen Stats, we have an answer.

The league's best tackle combo won't surprise you, as the Los Angeles Rams have the NFL's best offense -- and offensive line. And the worst pass-blocking tackle duo? It's the New York Giants, who have the NFL's worst offensive line as a whole, according to PBWR, including the league's worst two tackles.

Let's rank the OT combos from 32 to 1 using PBWR -- read the explainer on how it works here. In cases in which tackles have been benched or gotten injured, we're using the players who are expected to be the starters for the rest of the season. Another note: Some tackles haven't played enough snaps yet to qualify.

32. New York Giants

Left tackle: Nate Solder (66 percent Pass Block Win Rate)
Right tackle: Chad Wheeler (54 percent)

Not only do the Giants' tackles average the worst PBWR in the league, but they have been the first- and second-worst individually among all tackles with at least 100 pass blocks this season. With Wheeler, a former undrafted free agent out of USC, it's a problem. With Solder, whom the team signed to a four-year, $62 million deal in the offseason, it's a disaster.

It often doesn't seem like the Giants' pass protection is quite as bad as it is because Eli Manning tends to get rid of the ball relatively quickly. That's where the strength of PBWR comes into play; it considers pass-block survival relative to time after snap. And when Manning holds the ball, there's usually trouble waiting for him.

31. Arizona Cardinals

Left tackle: D.J. Humphries (71 percent)
Right tackle: Andre Smith (67 percent)

In Thursday night's blowout loss at the hands of the Broncos, Arizona's offensive line posted the fourth-worst team PBWR of the season. Both Humphries and Smith posted below-average PBWRs in the loss. To be fair to Smith, though, he had to contend with Von Miller.

30. Detroit Lions

Left tackle: Taylor Decker (70 percent)
Right tackle: Rick Wagner (73 percent)

Decker ranked among league's best tackles in PBWR in his eight games last season, while Wagner was above average. That has not been the case in 2018.

29. Cincinnati Bengals

Left tackle: Cordy Glenn (73 percent)
Right tackle: Bobby Hart (72 percent)

How badly do you think the Bengals wish they'd hung on to Andrew Whitworth, who left in 2017? While their former left tackle is thriving in Los Angeles with the Rams, the Bengals' duo is struggling.