Picking best scheme fits for 25 top 2019 NFL free agents

Giants not placing franchise tag on Collins (0:45)

Mike Tannenbaum says the Giants not franchise-tagging Landon Collins could be an indication the team will pursue Tyrann Mathieu. (0:45)

NFL free agency finally has arrived, and it's a much different class than 2018's group. There are fewer guys who we know will get mega-money, and there are far fewer quarterback-needy teams. But that doesn't mean it's a poor class -- teams can find bargains at several deep positions, including at edge rusher and safety.

A player's overall fit in a team's scheme is a crucial part of the evaluation process. Yes, teams have a ton of money to spend as they target players to fill needs and create roster competition. But if those players don't fit in with how the coaching staff operates, the bust potential is much higher, and production won't match the contract they sign.

With that in mind, let's pick out the best fits for 25 of the best free agents on the market. These are realistic fits, as I'm taking into account teams that also have money to spend. Let's start with the undisputed top playmaker available:

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Le'Veon Bell, RB

Best fit: Green Bay Packers

The Jets have the bankroll to land Bell, and the Raiders could be in the mix here, too. But if we are looking at best fits for teams that could pursue the versatile back, then I'm going with Green Bay and the offensive system under new coach Matt LaFleur. The misdirection, the screen package, plus the zone and gap runs that cater to Bell's unique style. Plus, pairing Bell with Aaron Rodgers would give the Packers a legit pass-game threat from the backfield whom opposing defenses must account for.

Landon Collins, S

Best fit: Indianapolis Colts

Collins' production dipped in 2018 with the Giants, but think of the immediate impact he could bring to the Colts' defense. He would be in a position to play top-down, which caters to his game. Two-deep, Cover 3, man-up versus tight ends, blitz -- that would allow Collins to drive on the ball, hover near the line of scrimmage and clean up as an underneath defender. This move would upgrade the Colts' safety position, with Collins pairing with rangy free safety Malik Hooker. Keep an eye on the Redskins, Raiders and Panthers here, too.