The NFL's best at everything: The top 2019 players in 60 categories

Using a Pro Football Focus database that has no limits, we were able to dig into granular traits and facets of the games with our years of data.

Let's dive into those traits and explore the best players in a variety of categories, from the league's most efficient pass-protectors to the best defensive backs covering each route on the route tree.

It's our list of the NFL's best performers in every category you can think of -- for the fourth year in a row -- using grades, stats and data pulled from grading every player on every play of every game of the 2019 NFL season.

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Overall offensive grade

George Kittle, TE, San Francisco 49ers: 93.7

Kittle has been the best all-around player at one of the league's most taxing positions. He has been tasked with run-blocking on 247 snaps, staying in to pass protect for 40 snaps and running routes on 197 snaps. His receiving grade (94.0) is the highest in the NFL, and his pass-blocking (74.0) and run-blocking grades (71.3) are among the best at his position, as he has been the best player on the field in every game in which he has played this season. Kittle missed the 49ers' loss to the Seahawks on Monday because of ankle and foot injuries.

Best quarterback in the pocket

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Stafford has limited mistakes and taken his shots admirably from within the pocket, leading the league with 23 big-time throws -- PFF's highest-graded pass attempts based upon ball placement, velocity, targeted depth and other factors -- from inside the pocket. He has completed 169 of 258 attempts for 2,271 yards and 17 touchdowns, with the latter leading the NFL.

Best quarterback outside the pocket

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Wilson's work outside the pocket has been magical in 2019, leading the league in every major passing category including yards (729), touchdowns (seven) and completions (48). He has limited mistakes and hit four more big-time throws from outside the pocket than any other quarterback.