Best team fits for the NFL's top 25 free agents in 2020

Free agency is exciting, regardless of the sport and even when the class of players does not include the luster of an elite group. And the 2020 NFL free-agent class features some big names to watch. But where will they all end up? And more important, where should they all end up?

Let's pull out the long-range lens and examine which team profiles as the best fit for each of the top 25 free agents for 2020, a list compiled by my colleague Kevin Seifert in October. Here are my thoughts on each player's best landing spot come March, factoring in any and all pertinent angles.

1. Tom Brady, QB

Best fit: New England Patriots

Brady has a chance to reach the open market for the first time in his career, leading to speculation as to whether he would head elsewhere for the final stages of his career. Although such a move is possible, staying in New England allows Brady a chance to continue to compete at the highest level and cement his legacy as a rare player who plays for the same team throughout his career. It would make sense for both the player and the team to negotiate another one-year extension that allows him to play into his age-43 season in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

2. Drew Brees, QB

Best fit: New Orleans Saints

There's no need to overthink this one either, as Brees has remained one of the NFL's best quarterbacks and leads a dominant Saints group again this season. The Saints have assembled a roster that is set to stay in the championship mix through at least 2020, and while the team admirably won with Teddy Bridgewater during Brees' absence due to a thumb issue earlier this season, Brees is the heartbeat of the franchise and a priority to keep beyond this season.

3. Philip Rivers, QB

Best fit: Chicago Bears