Non-quarterback candidates for NFL MVP 2020: Top five players, from Dalvin Cook to Aaron Donald

Imagine a world without quarterbacks. Wait. Don't do that. Without quarterbacks, every time a center snapped the ball, it would just roll and roll and roll and everyone on both teams would chase after it and someone would recover it and then the whole thing would start over again. It'd be a huge mess.

So instead, imagine a world in which quarterbacks couldn't win the MVP award. Let's say we decided to take them out of it, gave them their own separate award in addition to the huge salaries and all the endorsement money they make, and left the MVP to the guys doing the dirty work at the other positions.

What would the NFL's MVP race look like at this point, if we did that? Glad you asked.

Let's take a look at five non-quarterback candidates for the 2020 NFL MVP award as we head into Week 10. These aren't the only five, so don't get mad if your favorite player isn't on here. It's just a way of spotlighting some guys who are likely to lose out in the MVP race to Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson or whomever. Some of the work these players are doing is MVP-worthy, even if they probably won't get the award in the end.

Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota Vikings