Xavien Howard trade fits: Five potential teams, what Dolphins could get in return and NFL execs weigh in

For at least the fourth time this year, the best player on an NFL team is unhappy and either wants out or wants drastic change.

The first three were elite quarterbacks -- Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson -- all making 30-plus million dollars per year. The latest is Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard, who makes far less than that and hopes a new team can change the dynamic.

Howard's detailed statement on Instagram on Tuesday night highlighting his trade request and unhappiness with his five-year, $75 million deal that's short on guarantees sent shock waves through the NFL. But it was hardly a surprise, despite his on-time arrival at training camp this week. Howard's frustration has bubbled under the surface for months, and coming off a fantastic 10-interception 2020 season, he is flexing business muscle.

Could a trade happen? Where could Howard fit in a deal, and what would it take for a team to land him? Let's take a detailed look at Howard's situation in Miami, what he might bring on the trade market and, most importantly, five teams that could try to get the corner in a deal.

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Why Howard wants out