2022 NFL quarterback market predictions: 18 teams that could swap starters, and where Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson might land

All right, so Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson didn't get traded, but Matthew Stafford and Carson Wentz did. This offseason has, by turns, featured quarterback questions in Houston, Chicago, New England, Carolina, New Orleans, Denver, San Francisco ... Pittsburgh -- for a hot second.

But if you think this has been wild, wait until you see the NFL quarterback landscape next offseason.

There's a lot we don't know, obviously. A year ago, if I had told you the Eagles were going to be changing coaches and quarterbacks in the offseason, you'd have looked at me funny. Much can change between now and the end of the season. But from this distance, we can get at least a general idea of which teams will be in the 2022 quarterback market and which quarterbacks they might be pursuing, even if the top prospects in next April's draft are far from locked in.

Let's look into the crystal ball and evaluate all the teams that could change quarterbacks next offseason. Buckle up -- there are 18 teams. We'll do them in alphabetical order:

Atlanta Falcons

Current starter: Matt Ryan
Signed through: 2023