Judging Week 1 NFL overreactions: Is this the real Jameis Winston? Should the Jets have kept Sam Darnold?

We're back for another edition of Overreaction Monday, and you know the Week 1 overreactions in the NFL are always the best overreactions.

More this year than ever before, Week 1 means almost nothing. There are still 16 games left in every team's season (17, actually, for the Raiders and Ravens, who play Monday night), so there's more time for things that went wrong in Week 1 to go right, or things that went right in Week 1 to go wrong.

That said, you know we're still going to do this. And you know you're still going to read it. Because it's just that good, and you just can't help yourself from overreacting to Week 1. It's human nature combined with the nature of the NFL to form a delicious mixture of soon-to-be-outdated commentary and conclusions.

This week, we're keeping our focus on the quarterback position, because no position lends itself to overreaction more. And we will start in Jacksonville, where the hurricane-relocated Saints "hosted" the Packers and beat them so badly that Aaron Rodgers is going to have to schedule a whole series of fresh news conferences to tell everybody whose fault this all was.

Jameis Winston is going to get paid, big-time, next offseason