Lessons from ugly losses by the Packers, Bills and Titans: How their offenses failed in NFL Week 1, and should we be concerned?

Clark: Packers looked completely unprepared for the Saints (1:03)

Ryan Clark breaks down why he's concerned about the Packers after a huge loss in Week 1 to the Saints. (1:03)

It takes only one week to shake the optimism fans might have held about their NFL teams heading into the 2021 season. The Bills, Packers and Titans all came into the campaign with hopes of riding their dominant offenses to Super Bowl LVI. As three of the league's top four scoring offenses a season ago, they combined to average nearly 94 points per week in 2020. Those three teams scored a combined 32 points across their Week 1 losses. This wasn't supposed to be in the cards.

What happened in Week 1 is in the books. Every team deals with blips, and if those three offenses just had a bad day, nobody will remember it a couple of weeks from now. If it wasn't just a bad day, though, our preseason expectations for these former playoff teams might have to change.

Let's look into what happened to these three teams in their first games of the season to get a sense of whether there should be any worries after their rough start. It's way too early to fundamentally change your expectations about what they can do in 2021, but it's not too early to have things to look out for as possible concerns in the weeks to come. I'll begin with the team I'm most concerned about and work my way down to the one that seemed least worrisome:

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Week 1 result: Lost 38-13 to Arizona Cardinals