Judging Week 7 NFL overreactions: Are the Titans Super Bowl contenders? Will the Patriots make the playoffs?

Overreacting to one week is fun, but not instructive. Overreacting to something that happens over a two-week stretch? A little bit more reliable.

Yes, we do this exercise every week. But the NFL season has nearly completed seven weeks at this point, and some of the stuff we think we know is starting to crystallize.

For instance, we've done a Chiefs overreaction each of the past two weeks, and they were direct opposites of each other. Based on the season overall to this point, though, it looks like the one from two weeks ago -- "The Chiefs are in trouble" -- might have been the right one on which to focus.

Also, because we've done the Chiefs two weeks in a row, we aren't going to do them this week. Let's start, instead, with the team that thumped them Sunday to complete the exacta of beating both of last season's AFC Championship Game participants in a seven-day span.

The Titans are Super Bowl contenders

I had a hunch the Titans would beat the Chiefs at home Sunday, given the way they looked in beating the Bills on Monday night and the way the Chiefs have looked for much of this season. But regardless of which team I picked, I was pretty sure the Chiefs would at least be in the game. They were not.