What's wrong with Patrick Mahomes? Five worrying things I've seen on tape, and how the QB and the Chiefs can get back on track

After the first four games of the season, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was considered a front-runner for the MVP award. He led the NFL in Total QBR (79.4) and touchdown passes (14) and ranked in the top five in several other passing categories. The Chiefs were 2-2, but Mahomes and the offense were doing their part, averaging 6.9 yards per play (first in the NFL) and 31.8 points per game (third).

Over the past five games, however, Mahomes' level of play has declined. His 33.6 QBR since Week 5 ranks 29th. He has thrown the same number of touchdown passes (six) as interceptions. And the Chiefs are averaging just 5.0 yards per play, one of the worst rates in the league. He's not playing like the same quarterback who won MVP in 2018. The tape tells us that the 26-year-old is playing with unnecessary movement, leaving throws on the field and failing to go through his reads with clarity.

Let's take a deeper look at Mahomes -- using the tape and the numbers -- to address five major concerns that have creeped into his game. We'll also discuss how Mahomes and this Chiefs passing game can get back on track given the anticipated defensive approach it will see over the second half of the NFL season.

Pocket presence on the decline