Best NFL duos at six key positions: Execs weigh in on standout pairings, including the top receiver tandem

Identifying the NFL's best duos must be done on a sliding scale. Singular talents are easy to find, but two elite players holding down the same position on the same NFL roster is rare.

To be fair, at least eight NFL teams have an outside chance at two 1,000-yard receivers by the end of the league's first 17-game season, and several rosters are also equipped with a potent two-back setup in the run game. But those positions are loaded with talent in the draft each year. Getting two excellent offensive tackles, edge rushers or corners? There simply aren't enough great ones.

"That's why when ranking these you have to consider how far away the No. 2 option is from the great player, versus taking two really good players who might not be elite," an NFC exec said. "It's totally a preference thing."

We polled execs, scouts and coaches around the NFL to attempt to find consensus on the league's best duos at six key positions: wide receiver, running back, offensive tackle, edge rusher, cornerback and safety. While some results were clear-cut, other positions were incredibly difficult. Injuries leaguewide, of course, didn't help. Key players in some pairings are out for the season and affected the duo dynamic. Let's get to it, starting with a toss-up at a prime position.

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