NFL coach firings, hirings and openings: Latest rumors and what we're hearing on the Bears, Vikings, Seahawks, Jaguars jobs

This, the season of the 17th regular-season game, requires slightly more patience for this coaching carousel. In past years, we might have had more clarity on how many NFL head-coaching jobs will open. Heck, the 2019 season brought two head-coach firings in the first six weeks.

But the latest collective bargaining agreement brings us more football, which means more playoff spots -- and more chances for coaches on the hot seat to save jobs. A little more than a month from now, 14 teams will have wrapped up a 17-game schedule and will prepare for the playoffs.

Couple that new dynamic with a pandemic that affected the wallets of team owners, and the hiring-and-firing cycle could be slimmer than usual. But who are we kidding? This is the NFL, where change is a formality and impatience is a way of life. There's one current opening -- the Raiders job -- and more will follow.

After checking around the league, we bring you an updated look at the 2021 coaching carousel, all the moves that could happen as the season ends and the names you need to know:

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Could there be a surprise opening (or two)?
Urban Meyer won't be one-and-done, right?
End of the road for Mike Zimmer in Minnesota?
Do the Raiders have candidates in mind yet?
Is Matt Rhule's job safe in Carolina?
The leading candidates for coaching/GM jobs

If the Bears job opens up, there are already rumblings about a candidate