Judging NFL Week 15 overreactions: How good are the Chiefs? Are the Ravens done? Is Jonathan Taylor the MVP?

We overreact all season, but this is the time of year when we seek clarity. Week 15 is ... well, it's kind of almost complete. The are two games Monday night and two more on Tuesday as a result of COVID-19 postponements, but once those are done, there will be three measly weeks left in the 2021 regular season. We should have some sense by now of who the playoff teams are.

Not so fast, says the AFC.

Entering Sunday, 13 teams remained alive in the AFC playoff race. The team that currently holds the No. 13 spot (the 6-7 Raiders) is only a game and a half worse than the team that currently owns the No. 5 spot (the 8-6 Colts). Lots of things still can happen. And lots of things likely will.

But one thing did sort itself out a bit in Week 15 -- the top spot in the AFC. The Chiefs, Patriots and Titans were tied at 9-4 entering the week. Coming out of it, the Chiefs are the only one from that trio that will have picked up a 10th win. So let's start the Week 15 overreactions column there, with ...

The Chiefs are clearly the class of the AFC