NFL All-Pro Team 2021: Bill Barnwell picks best players at every position, including Jonathan Taylor, Micah Parsons, J.C. Jackson

Let's run through my picks for the All-Pro team for the 2021 NFL season. We still have two weeks of football left, but in most cases, the players I've put on my first and second teams have done enough already to earn their spot. There are some positions where there might be several players within a tier of talent, and in those spots, it's possible that someone could emerge with what they do over the last two weeks of the season. I'll mention them at the relevant positions.

While I've certainly used numbers to break down these battles, I'm also using what I've seen on film and what I've learned from talking to people in and around the NFL as the season has gone along. When two players are tied or close to tied, I'm almost always going to lean toward the one who has been on the field more often; availability is an ability, and as talented as some superstar players are, missing a quarter of the season places a cap on how valuable they can be in a given year. I've been more flexible with players who have missed a game here or there in a season heavily impacted by COVID-19.

I'll name a first- and second-team player at each position. Since this is my ballot, I've customized the positions to my liking, so I'll pick one running back, two wide receivers and one hybrid player on offense, as well as two edge rushers, two off-ball linebackers and three cornerbacks on defense. Let's start at quarterback, which is one of the few positions that might actually be undecided with two weeks left to go:

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