Judging NFL wild-card weekend overreactions: Could the Cowboys fire Mike McCarthy? Will the Eagles be in the QB market?

It's the NFL playoffs now, so this is where the real stuff matters. You watch two games Saturday knowing you have three more Sunday and, this season, one on Monday night, and you know you have to do the overreactions column. You want to get it just right. It's the playoffs, after all.

So you go back and forth with your editor, kicking around ideas on what the best ones will be, which angles make the most sense, which one should lead the column. You talk about the Raiders' coaching situation, the Bengals' chances of a deep run, the long-term viability of Mac Jones, the Bills' dominance, the long-term viability of Jalen Hurts, Tom Brady's chances to repeat ...

And then the Cowboys lose in the first round, and you know you have what you need. Without further ado, your wild-card round overreactions:

The Cowboys will fire Mike McCarthy and elevate one of their coordinators