Greatest NFL playoff round ever? 10 takeaways from Bills-Chiefs, struggles by Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, plus how the Rams, 49ers and Bengals won

If you were lucky enough to plunk yourself down on a couch somewhere for the two days of the NFL divisional round, you're probably pretty thrilled with your decision. The four games we saw over the weekend delivered just about everything we could have asked for: three upsets, four close games, a dethroning in Nashville, a defensive battle in the snow at Lambeau, a near-comeback for the ages in Tampa from Tom Brady and an all-time classic between the Bills and Chiefs to wrap up things Sunday night.

I strongly suspect this was the best four-game divisional round we've ever seen, given that we saw three games decided by kicks on the final play before the Chiefs tied their game with a 48-yard field goal at the end of regulation and won in overtime.

I would love to tell you that I have some coherent through line to discuss all these games, but given how wild the weekend was, I just have a collection of thoughts to run through here. These were all great games in their own right, but I have to start with the final game of the weekend:

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Bills-Chiefs was one of the greatest games in league history.