2023 NFL quarterback market predictions: 17 teams that could swap starters and where Lamar Jackson, Jimmy Garoppolo might land

Will Lamar Jackson be back in a Baltimore Ravens uniform next season, or somewhere else? Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The 2022 offseason was a great one for big-name quarterback movement. Russell Wilson to Denver. Deshaun Watson to Cleveland. Carson Wentz to Washington. Matt Ryan to Indy. Tom Brady to retirement and back. Aaron Rodgers to ... well, nowhere, as it turns out, but that was its own fun drama for a while.

It has left us wanting more.

So while we're excited to get this NFL season started, we can't help looking beyond it just a little and wondering what the 2023 offseason might offer in terms of quarterback movement. Who will be the disappointments shipped out before their contracts start looking bad? Who will be the big-name vets who want to play elsewhere? Who will be in line for the big extensions and become restless if they don't get them?

We did this last year -- looking at teams with unsettled QB situations and what might happen -- and we hit on a few of them. So we're doing it again. This is a list of teams whose quarterback situations beyond 2022 (if not sooner) are murky for one reason or another along with some predictions on what might happen.

Enjoy. There are more than you'd think.