Judging NFL Week 2 overreactions: Can Tua lead the Dolphins to the playoffs? Should the Steelers make a QB change?

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

You know what's even better than Week 1 overreactions? That's right! Week 2 overreactions!

Because think about it: We all know we're overreacting in Week 1, so we wait impatiently for Week 2 to find out whether we were right. Surely, one more week is all we need to solidify our beliefs that the Cardinals are dead in the water, the Ravens are a dominant team, the Jets can't beat anybody and the Giants' 1-0 start was a fluke.


We knew after Week 1 but needed Week 2 to bolster our case that the Colts will be fine, the Cowboys are toast, the Bengals will get it figured out and this is finally the year the Chargers have what it takes to knock off the Chiefs.

So thank goodness for Week 2, for bringing some clarity to everything we were sure was (or wasn't) an overreaction in Week 1. At this point, we all should be able to proceed with total confidence into the meat of the NFL season, certain we know who's good, who's not and who's going to be in the playoffs come January.

But just in case some of what I wrote in those first few paragraphs isn't correct ...