Judging NFL Week 6 overreactions: Packers in playoff danger?

The Packers' 107 points this season is the fewest they've scored in any six-game stretch with Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback. Dan Powers/Appleton Post-Crescent-USA TODAY

We are reaching the point in the NFL season where we've started to see enough to change our minds.

Six weeks' worth of games (almost) in the books, and some of our overreactions and non-overreactions are starting to calcify in terms of legitimacy. You can tell me the Ravens are going to be fine after they blow a big second-half lead, maybe even two. But blow one in Week 6 against the Giants, and I'm going to start to worry.

Conversely, you can tell me the Giants aren't for real after they beat the Bears to go to 3-1, but when they follow that up with wins against the Packers and the Ravens to get to 5-1, I'm not quite sure I agree with you on your police work.

Jets for real? Could be. Vikings for real? Looking like it. Bucs in trouble? Entirely possible. Niners just average with Jimmy Garoppolo back at QB? Well, we might have gotten that one right.

But the one that's sticking out to me is those Packers. This is a team I've kind of stood behind since training camp, buying what Green Bay was selling about how the offense would need time but would eventually come together around Aaron Rodgers. I figured that while that happened, the Packers would be carried by a strong defense and improved special teams.

To this point, they've showcased neither of those things. Green Bay has allowed 24, 27 and 27 points, respectively, over the past three weeks to the Patriots, Giants and Jets -- all of whom are playing well and deserve credit, but don't stand out as unstoppable offenses. The Pack gave up a touchdown on a blocked punt Sunday, bringing back painful memories of the way their 2021 season ended in the playoffs against the Niners. And no, the offense still doesn't have anything going and doesn't look like it's getting any better.

So, we begin our Week 6 overreactions with the Packers, and their failure to justify my faith in them. I'm about ready to say I was wrong.