NFL trade grades: 2022 deadline deal report cards

With the NFL trade deadline having come and gone, let's grade some trades, including the Denver Broncos trading edge rusher Bradley Chubb to the Miami Dolphins on Tuesday for picks and running back Chase Edmonds.

I'm a big believer in judging decisions based on information available at the time. Saying, "Let's see how it plays out" isn't an option for general managers making deals for their teams, so why should it be for us evaluating those transactions? When I'm grading trades, I evaluate them for each team based on on-field impact, cap implications, draft compensation and effects within the context of a team's overall short- and long-term outlook. I like to think about decisions on two axes:

  • How confident are we in knowing if this is a good or bad decision?

  • How big is the impact of this decision?

They'll both play a role in the grades, though a low-impact decision can still receive a strong or poor mark. Low-stakes, clear-cut wins or losses still matter. Let's get into the 19 deals made since the season started.

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Falcons trade S Marlowe to Bills

Buffalo Bills get: S Dean Marlowe
Atlanta Falcons get: 2023 seventh-round pick
Trade date: Nov. 1