2023 NFL free agency signings: Ranking best deals, contracts

ESPN analytics writer Seth Walder has graded more than 50 NFL free agency signings and trades so far, breaking down each deal from every angle and doling out ratings on which teams did well -- and which gave up too much money. Below, we compiled all of Walder's "A" grades -- the 2023 deals he liked most from the perspective of the teams. We then asked him to rank those 14 deals, with his favorites at the top.

To determine each grade, Walder evaluated deals based on multiple factors, including on-field impact, salary-cap implications, draft compensation, player value/age and the context of a team's short- and long-term outlook. How large is the effect of this decision, and how sure are we it's a good or bad choice? How does this affect a team's chance to win the Super Bowl, either this season or in the future?

Check out Walder's favorite free agent deals and his analysis on all 14, which has been adapted from our original piece (updated at 6:30 a.m. ET Monday with another signing included):


1. WR Jakobi Meyers to the Raiders

The deal: Three years, $33 million ($21 million guaranteed)