Surtain severs friendship

MIAMI -- On second thought, Dolphins cornerback Patrick Surtain does say Buffalo Bills receiver Eric Moulds is a liar.
And "unmanly."

And their once-cordial relationship is "severed."

Hoping to put to rest questions about his relationship with Moulds following last December's game in which Moulds spit on Surtain and Surtain took a swing at Moulds, the Dolphins cornerback spoke to the Miami Herald Friday.

"It was unmanly of him to do it and then come back and say he didn't mean it," Surtain said, according to the Herald. "It's severed between us. Before I knew him and we talked or whatever, but it's over now. It's all business from now on."

Earlier this week, Moulds said he and Surtain talked about the spitting incident while both were in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Moulds said the two spent time together in Mississippi this offseason.

"It was a shock to me. It was made up," Surtain said. "None of these things ever happened. I don't know where he comes off making those kind of allegations. It was funny because it was a lie, a blatant lie."