Memo in response to Shanahan's 'fib'

NEW YORK -- Commissioner Paul Tagliabue warned all NFL teams
that they will be disciplined if they provide "blatantly false and
inaccurate information" about injuries during a game.

In a memo sent Friday, Tagliabue did not mention Denver coach
Mike Shanahan, who last week lied about quarterback Jake Plummer's
injury during a game against the Chargers.

But the memo was in response to Shanahan, who said Plummer left
in the second quarter of the game with what was announced as a
concussion. Shanahan said after the game that he had "fibbed" and
that Plummer had a slightly separated right shoulder.

Shanahan said he didn't want the Chargers to know Plummer
couldn't pass if he had to re-enter the game.

"For a variety of reasons, all team personnel, including
coaches and medical staff, have a responsibility to report player
information factually and accurately," Tagliabue wrote in the

Shanahan was not disciplined, although league officials said he
understood the NFL's position.

Tagliabue ended the note by saying that subsequent violations
are likely to be disciplined. The memo did not specify what
discipline would be handed out, although the league has fined teams
in the past for similar actions.

Meanwhile, Tagliabue will decide whether the Broncos will be punished for wearing the wrong
uniform in San Diego on Sept. 14.

The Chargers filed a complaint after the Broncos showed up with
only their white uniform tops, forcing the Chargers to wear blue.
The home team chooses the jersey color and San Diego wanted to wear
the light color.

The usual penalty in such a case is a fine.