Taylor discusses cocaine woes in interview

NEW YORK -- Lawrence Taylor had a strategy not found in NFL
playbooks: He sent escorts to opponents' hotel rooms the night
before a game.

"You know what they like, and what type of women they like, and
you just call the service," the Hall of Fame linebacker said in an
interview that "60 Minutes" will air Sunday on CBS.

Taylor said the plan was to make sure opposing running backs
were not ready for the game. The former New York Giants star said
the prank was played on him.

"Knock on the door, you open the door, and you got two
beautiful women sitting there, (saying), 'We're for you!' And I'm
like, 'You're in the right place,''' he recalled with a laugh.

Taylor, who played 13 seasons with the Giants, was the NFL's MVP
in 1986 and a 10-time Pro Bowl selection.

Taylor also spoke in the interview about the years right after
his retirement, when cocaine took over his life. He said he reached
a low point in the late 1990s.

"I had gotten really bad," he said. "I mean my place was
almost like a crack house -- not where you sold it, but I had a lot
of stuff in my house."