Warnock to sell luxury suites at stadium

OAKLAND -- Nick Warnock, a former copier salesman who made the final four of Donald Trump's hit NBC show "The Apprentice," has been hired by Al Davis and the Raiders.

Warnock will be selling luxury suites at the Oakland

Warnock was flown from Los Angeles to the team's Alameda
headquarters Thursday for a job interview.

"This is one of the greatest organizations in the country,'' Warnock told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Who hasn't heard of the Raiders, the Autumn Wind, the Silver and Black? It's as recognizable as the Yankees."

Warnock, a former salesman for Xerox, has been offered many jobs in the business world. He's also going Hollywood, landing a role on the NBC show "Las Vegas."

Warnock compared Davis to Trump.

"They are visionaries," he told the newspaper. "They are not afraid to go against the grain, and they are confident and decisive. People like that are an inspiration to work for."

Raiders chief executive officer Amy Trask, a fan of "The Apprentice," was impressed by Warnock.

"After that episode [where he got fired], I called someone else in our office equally addicted to the show and told him, 'I want to hire this guy to sell suites,' " Trask told the paper. "At first he was dubious, but when we saw on his Web site that he had a football background [high school and college player], it seemed like a great idea."

"These are beautiful skyboxes that need to be sold down, and it's my goal to generate significant results whether it takes me two hours a week or 80 hours a week,'' Warnock told the Chronicle. "I don't know if [the show] will help me sell more suites, but it should help me start some relationships. After that, I will have to prove that I can sell."

Warnock is not the first "Apprentice" cast member to make a splash in the sports world. Kwame Jackson, who finished second to Bill Rancic on the reality show, has been offered a job by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Rancic's award was a high-level position working under Trump.