Dolphins may try to recoup money from Williams

The Dolphins want payback from Ricky Williams. Literally.

An angry Wayne Huizenga will try to recoup more than $5 million paid in incentive money to the retired Williams over the last two years, a source close to the Dolphins owner told the Miami Herald on Saturday.

''Wayne is incredibly [angry] about what Ricky did,'' the source told the newspaper. "He has his lawyers together, and he's going after all the money the team paid Ricky. He wants to make sure this never happens again."

Huizenga could not be reached for comment by the newspaper.

Last month, Williams suddenly retired after five seasons in the NFL, stunning the Dolphins and the league. The Dolphins now have to try to figure out how to replace Williams' 1,372 rushing yards of last season. To make matters worse, the Dolphins lost receiver David Boston earlier this month with a knee injury.

Under the conditions of the revised contract Williams signed before the 2002 season, the Dolphins can seek reimbursement of any incentives he earned if he retired early or held out.

Williams earned approximately $5.3 million in incentives from the Dolphins during the past two years.

Before he filed retirement paperwork with the NFL, Williams talked about filing for bankruptcy and letting the team come after the money in court. He said coming after a man with three children might be embarrassing to the team.