Keyshawn has no hard feelings toward Sapp

OXNARD, Calif. -- Keyshawn Johnson isn't going to try to
avoid former teammate Warren Sapp when their new teams play each

Johnson, now with the Dallas Cowboys, said the public perception
that the two stars who played together the past four seasons in
Tampa Bay don't like each other is wrong.

"That's not what I perceive," said Johnson, whose new team
goes Saturday night to Oakland, where Sapp now plays.

Johnson said their wives are actually best friends and will be
sitting together in Sapp's box.

What about comments Sapp made since joining the Raiders
questioning how Johnson worked in Tampa Bay and seemed happy about
being deactivated with six games left last season?

"That doesn't mean that he doesn't like me," Johnson said. "I
didn't like the way he worked around things, so what does that
mean? Does that mean I don't like him? I don't like the way Bill
Parcells does some things. Does that mean I don't like him? No,
that doesn't mean I don't like him."

Johnson said he won't seek out Sapp, but will talk to him if
that chance comes up at the game. If so, he said the two will
probably take a picture together in their different uniforms.

"It will be strange," Johnson said. "But I can also
understand that he had to move on with his career much like myself
and other players in this league."