Plummer: 'I'm not a robot'

DENVER -- Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer was fined $5,000
by the NFL on Friday for making an obscene gesture during last
week's game against Miami.

Plummer and coach Mike Shanahan refused comment. Plummer
apologized after the game, and during interviews Wednesday admitted
he wasn't perfect and promised he'd never make the same mistake

"I'm not a robot. I'm a man that has warm blood and sometimes
it gets hot in there running through my veins," Plummer said.
"You know people do things that they regret. As long as you can
learn a lesson from it and stand up and be a man about what your
actions were and move on, that's the true lesson you learn from

Plummer reached his hand behind his helmet and made the gesture
when he reached the bench after throwing a first-quarter
interception in the 20-17 win over the Dolphins.

The much-maligned quarterback has thrown six picks and no
touchdowns in Denver's last two games. His 17 interceptions this
season are the second most in the NFL.

Denver is 8-5, tied with Baltimore for the AFC's final playoff
spot, with a game Sunday at Kansas City.

Despite Plummer's troubles, both Shanahan and owner Pat Bowlen
said this week that the Broncos intend to keep the quarterback for
the long term. To keep him, they must pay a $6 million roster bonus
in the upcoming offseason.

Plummer's actions stirred a debate in Denver over whether the
Broncos should fine Plummer and whether his indiscretion was a sign
he lacks the composure to lead the team deep into the playoffs.

Earlier in the week, Shanahan applauded Plummer's fire but said
all players need to keep their cool during a game, even if they're
being heckled.

"I think Jake understands that this game is very tough on the
quarterback," coach Mike Shanahan said. "You work your way
through it. If you're mentally tough enough, you survive. If not,
you acquiesce and you're gone."