Second time Morris' ring has been stolen

MIAMI -- Mercury Morris won his Super Bowl ring because of
his quick moves for the Miami Dolphins in 1972. But he wasn't fast
enough on Friday when he realized he had left the ring in the men's
room of the Biscayne Bay Marriott after washing his hands.

By the time he realized his mistake and went back, the ring was

"I'm holding out hope that somebody will give it up," Morris
told The Miami Herald. "It means a great deal to me."

The 10-karat yellow gold ring has a full-carat diamond set in an
aquamarine stone, with 16 smaller diamonds circling the center.

It's not the first time his Super Bowl ring has been stolen,
Morris said. The original was lifted in 1978.

The hotel declined comment Sunday while a spokesperson was out
for the weekend.