Green arrested after 911 call from home

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green filed for divorce Thursday, only days after being arrested
following a 911 hang-up call about a disturbance at his home.

Attorney Bruce Peckerman, who represented Green in a previous
divorce, confirmed to The Associated Press the filing had been made
in Brown County Circuit Court. He declined further comment without
consulting his client.

Green was arrested Monday night when deputies responded to the
call from his home. Green, cited for disorderly conduct, posted
$150 bond and was released. A court hearing was scheduled for May

A police report released Thursday said a woman was heard yelling
"help me" before the line went dead, and when officers arrived,
they found a woman sitting in a vehicle, crying.

Officers said Green allowed them in the house and admitted a
disturbance had taken place, but said it was a husband-wife
argument. He also admitted he hung up the phone because he thought
the call had not been completed, the report said.

Green became agitated and asked officers to leave so that he
could rest for the next day's mini-camp practice. Told he was under
arrest, Green refused to put his hands behind his back and was
threatened with a charge of resisting arrest, the report said. One
officer pulled out his taser "stun gun," pointing it at the

Green then moved his hands behind his back.

The woman, identified by Green as his wife, Heather, took her
4-year-old son and left.

She told officers that during a discussion, her husband became
upset and told her to get out, punching the bed with his fist and
yelling into her face. She said she went to her son's room and
Green hit the door with his hand.

At that point, she said, she called 911, only to have Green hang
up the phone.

No one was injured in the incident.