Newton said he stood to make $75K per drug deal

DALLAS -- Former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman
Nate Newton says his competitive nature led him into the drug business.

"I've always been competitive, I've always been in sports,"
said Newton, a six-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman who retired
after the 2000 season. "I couldn't see myself not being the
biggest dope man."

Newton, 43, was released from a Louisiana prison last year on
drug possession charges after serving about 2½ years behind bars.

Newton, of East Ellijay, Ga., estimated he stood to make up to
$75,000 per drug deal, another reason he said running drugs
appealed to him.

In November 2001, he and two women were pulled over for a
traffic violation on Interstate 10 in St. Martin Parish, La. Newton
and the others were accused of hauling 213 pounds of marijuana in
their van with plans to sell it.

While out on bond six weeks later, Newton was arrested again,
this time in Ellis County. He was accused of hauling 175 pounds of
marijuana in the trunk of a car.

Newton made his comments Thursday during a talk show on Dallas
radio station KKDA. He said he became remorseful while serving time
in a federal prison in Texarkana, before he was transferred to a
federal facility in Louisiana.

"I got on my knees and said, 'God, I want to make a deal. ...
You protect me in here, and when I come out, I'll do everything I
can to make it right,'" he said.