Motorcycle crash gave Winslow torn ACL

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow II was charged Friday with disregarding safety in the motorcycle crash that put his 2005 season in jeopardy.

The misdemeanor, filed by the prosecutor in suburban Westlake, carries a maximum fine of $150 with no jail time. Winslow will be sent a summons to appear in Rocky River Municipal Court, police said..

Kellen Winslow Winslow

Winslow tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee when he crashed, two sources within the league told The Associated Press. An injury such as Winslow's typically requires 10 to 12 months of rehabilitation.

Winslow also sustained unspecified internal injuries when his motorcycle hit a curb at 35 mph and he flipped over the handlebars while practicing in a parking lot near his home May 1.

The Browns have Winslow's medical test results but the club cannot disclose the nature of his injuries because they have not received permission from Winslow or his family.

He spent nine days in the Cleveland Clinic before being released last week. Winslow, who has been resting at home, has not commented on his accident or his injuries.

Winslow, who missed 14 games as a rookie with a broken leg, breached a hazardous activities clause in his contract by riding the motorcycle. The Browns could ask him to return part of the money he already has been paid as part of his six-year, $40 million