Romanowski agrees to pay Williams to end litigation

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Former Oakland Raiders teammates Marcus Williams and Bill Romanowski are settling their legal dispute.

Williams sued his former teammate after getting hit in the face
by Romanowski during a practice drill in 2003. The pair announced
Friday that Romanowski is agreeing to pay $415,000 to resolve the

Williams' career ended after his eye socket was broken by
Romanowski, who ripped off Williams' helmet during a practice drill
and hit him in the face.

Romanowski retired that year, and a jury in March ordered him to
pay Williams $340,000 in damages.

Williams was not happy with the jury's verdict, and was seeking
a new trial until the two sides agreed to end the dispute.

Williams, who entered the league as an undrafted free agent in
2002, played in 13 games as a rookie during Oakland's Super Bowl
season. He was used primarily on special teams but was trying to
earn a regular position during his sophomore season before he was

The Raiders have claimed they are not responsible for any
damages, and fined Romanowski $60,000. Romanowski was not charged
with a crime.