Team acknowledges second tape in poor taste

SAN FRANCISCO -- The in-house video featuring racist jokes, lesbian soft-porn and topless blondes that embarrassed the San Francisco 49ers last week wasn't the first offensive video the team's disgraced public relations director made.

The team acknowledged Tuesday that a video made in 2003 by Kirk Reynolds contained "objectionable content showing bikini-clad women."

A copy of the video, obtained by San Francisco television
station KRON, shows Reynolds in a strip club, a restroom stall, and
in the shower. The video shows a lap dancer burying the head of a
49ers' staffer in her bosom.

"The video is offensive in every manner," team lawyer Ed
Goines said in a statement. "We deeply regret that anyone from our
organization would produce such senseless, inexcusable material.
Policies have been put into place to ensure that nothing like this
happens in the future. The individuals responsible for the video
are no longer employed by the team."

Reynolds was unavailable for comment late Tuesday night. He said
last week that the 2004 video was a "terrible mistake" and
apologized "to anybody who was offended."

The 2003 tape did not include any racist or homophobic jokes or
include any scenes from Mayor Gavin Newsom's office like last
year's edition did.

The release of the 2004 video to the San Francisco Chronicle last week caused outrage by the mayor, the city's gay leaders and the team's owners.