Rhodes won't resume normal duties until Wednesday

SEATTLE -- Team physicians said Sunday that Seattle Seahawks
defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes had suffered a mild stroke after
he was hospitalized with dizziness earlier this month.
"He's recovering well and appears not to have any type of
deficits after the stroke," team physician Brad Shoup said in a
Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren said Rhodes, 54, should resume
full-time coaching this week. He was hospitalized Sept. 4.
Rhodes did not accompany the team to Jacksonville last week. He
was in the coaches booth on Sunday as a consultant, but linebackers
coach John Marshall handled the play calling.
He was presented with a game ball after Seattle's 21-18 win.
"I think he was minding doctor's orders pretty much," Holmgren
said. "Then we sent him home.
"He can't go out tonight," Holmgren added with a smile.
Rhodes, a former head coach at Philadelphia and Green Bay, is in
his third season as Seattle's defensive coordinator.
"As long as he eases back into it, he'll be fine," Holmgren
said. "He had a mild stroke. The hard part is that it's not his
nature to take it easy. He's a pretty intense guy."