Bengals' Johnson planning new celebration

CINCINNATI -- Chad Johnson is dreaming of a whitetail Christmas.

The Bengals receiver suggested Tuesday that he has a special touchdown celebration planned for Cincinnati's game on Christmas Eve, one that will top his Riverdance, his end zone putt and his sideline proposal from earlier this season.

A surrogate reindeer, perhaps?

"On the highway, I hit a deer," Johnson said Tuesday, insisting he was serious and that the animal wasn't hurt. "I kept him. He's at home in the garage. I'm going to use him for the celebration this weekend. He's a prop. They might suspend me for the last game, but I think this one is worth it."

Even if Johnson is serious -- and, with him, there's no telling -- coach Marvin Lewis would certainly put his foot down. So Johnson's scheme may never get beyond the talking stage.

He wasn't joking about his desire to come up with a celebration that will keep fans talking long after the Bengals' last regular-season home game.

Fans in Detroit booed when he merely handed the ball to an official following his touchdown during a 41-17 victory Sunday that clinched the AFC North title. It was only the second time this season that he didn't celebrate a touchdown -- the other came when the officials needed time to decide if he had scored, spoiling the moment.

"But this Saturday, I'll be back to my old self," he said. "You can look forward to the celebration being part of something that has to do with Christmas. It's going to be fun. I might get in trouble, so I might as well let that out now. I might get in trouble for what I'm going to do, but it's worth it."

Johnson was excited by the thought of getting a deer into the end zone routine. His Riverdance brought him national attention as a hoofer. Now, he's fixated on hooves.

"This is going to be the greatest celebration of all time, man," he said. "I actually use an animal."