Sources: Chiefs-Jets talks over Edwards stalled

Talks between the Chiefs and Jets over Herm Edwards leaving New York to become the Kansas City coach have stalled, according to league sources.

The compensation package that has been on the table involved the Chiefs sending fourth- and fifth-round draft picks to the Jets, perhaps splitting the choices over two years, but Chiefs president Carl Peterson has been reluctant to close a deal, the sources added.

Peterson's reluctance, the sources believe, is based on his sense that Edwards is no longer welcomed in New York by Jets owner Woody Johnson, who is reportedly tired over Edwards' status.

However, a league source added that Peterson's gamble could cost him because if Edwards is fired, the Chiefs would have competition among other teams who would be interested in the Jets coach.

As one other source said, the deal is "always a phone call away."

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is a regular contributor to Insider. He chats every Wednesday in The Show.