Jets to replace GM Bradway with Tannenbaum

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Jets owner Woody Johnson decided a
coaching change wasn't enough.

A month after Herman Edwards left for Kansas City, general
manager Terry Bradway stepped down as general manager Tuesday.
Assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum takes over for Bradway, who will stay
with the team as a consultant.

"It's time to set the team on a different course," Johnson
said at a news conference.

Bradway said the decision to leave was mutual.

"I think it's important that Eric get off to a good start with
the right people in place and the fact that Mike is very deserving
of this opportunity, the fact that he has a good relationship with
Eric will be a plus for the Jets," Bradway said on a conference
call. "I know those guys will work tirelessly."

Bradway and Edwards came to the Jets together in 2001 and helped
the team make the playoffs three times in five years. But after
going 4-12 this past season, it became clear New York wanted to
move in a different direction.

Bradway took a heap of criticism when he allowed Edwards to go
to Kansas City in exchange for the low price of a fourth-round
pick. During the search for a new coach, Tannenbaum was
instrumental in landing Eric Mangini, largely because
of their close friendship.

But Tannenbaum bristled when asked whether it was his call to
hire Mangini.

"I can't sit here and rewrite history or what could of or
should have happened," he said. "The hiring process in 2006 was
very similar to what it was in 2001, where Woody, Terry and myself
were a part of it. It was Terry's final say. The processes were
very similar."

Bradway also denied there was a power struggle between him,
Tannenbaum and Mangini.

"I just have to laugh," Bradway said. "Eric's been great.
He's worked his butt off since he's gotten here. He's definitely
the right guy for this job. There was never any power struggle."

But it will be difficult to turn the team around considering the
older players they have on the roster and the inexperience they
have at the highest levels. The 36-year-old Tannenbaum has never
been a GM. The 35-year-old Mangini has never been a head coach.

Bradway, meanwhile, will be most remembered for many of the
flops he made. In 2003, the team took a big hit when they lost four
players in free agency to Washington: Laveranues Coles, Randy
Thomas, Chad Morton and John Hall, who became known as the

He drafted defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson at No. 4 overall
later that year, but Robertson hasn't made a big impact. Last year,
the Jets traded their No. 1 pick to Oakland for Doug Jolley, who
contributed little to the team.

Only one player drafted under Bradway has made the Pro Bowl with
the Jets -- linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who was selected as an injury

Tannenbaum is entering his ninth season with the Jets. He and
Mangini first met in Cleveland and also were with the Jets in 1997,
and their friendship grew from there. Mangini was Patriots
defensive coordinator before coming to New York.