Bettis says he lost jewelry at Super Bowl practice

PONTIAC, Mich. -- Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back
Jerome Bettis says he lost $67,050 worth of jewelry while
practicing for the Super Bowl.

Bettis said he may have misplaced a Rolex watch and a
diamond-studded gold bracelet during the team's practice at the
Pontiac Silverdome, three days before the Super Bowl.

After returning to Pittsburgh, The Bus discovered that he was
missing the $31,100 Rolex and the bracelet worth $35,950, The
Detroit News reported Friday. The Steelers stayed and practiced in
Pontiac before the Feb. 5 game at Ford Field.

"It's being reported as lost property, so it's technically not
a crime," Pontiac police captain Wendy Keelty-Reyes said. "We
just got the report, but we're going to do whatever we can to help
recover the stuff for him."

The report said Bettis believed he removed the jewelry and
placed it on the top shelf of his unsecured locker. He later
discovered he was not wearing the pieces and assumed that Steelers
personnel had collected and packed them, the newspaper said.

Silverdome security chief John Kissick said he worked the day of
the practice and that the NFL also had a security team in place.
The practices were closed to the public.

"No one got in or out of there that wasn't supposed to be there," Kissick said. "It was tighter in there than Fort Knox."