Moss' agent charged with possession of crack

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- An agent for Randy Moss was charged
with possession of crack cocaine after police were called to a
hotel to investigate a disturbance, authorities said Wednesday.

Dante DiTrapano and his wife, Teri, of Charleston, W.Va., were
arrested Tuesday at a hotel in St. Petersburg, police said.

The hotel's management called police to report a disturbance in
couple's room. When officers entered the room they found the drugs,
police said.

Three other people were also arrested and charged with
possession of crack cocaine, police said.

"Dante has been battling depression over two tragedies that
occurred this past year. We don't know the facts of his arrest at
this point, but we hope and pray that Dante will now get the help
he needs," Tim DiPiero, an attorney with DiTrapano, Barrett &
DiPiero, said in a statement released Wednesday.

Moss also commented through the attorney's office.

"I'm sticking by my friend and I'll support him and his family
as he gets help battling his problem," Moss said.