McNabb, Trotter found guilty despite not driving at time

GLASSBORO, N.J. -- Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and
linebacker Jeremiah Trotter were found guilty Wednesday of parking
their trucks in zones for the handicapped, although both players
said they were not behind the wheel at the time.

Jeremiah Trotter Trotter

Donovan McNabb McNabb

McNabb was ordered to pay a $256 fine and $33 in court fees.
Trotter, who had parked illegally twice, was ordered to pay $512
and $66 in fees. The Philadelphia players were in court during
separate proceedings.

Even though McNabb apparently was not even in the vehicle Nov.
28, Judge Charles Sprigman said McNabb was liable because adviser
Troy Oglesby had permission to drive the truck. The quarterback
produced a letter from a doctor saying he was in a hospital at the

Oglesby said a restaurant employee directed him to park in the
zone for the handicapped, a blue-striped area next to the actual
parking spot.

Trotter was cited for two occasions his vehicle was found
illegally parked near the restaurant while he was hosting a radio
show. He said he had been dropped off and that someone else parked
his truck.

The two players were among dozens of alleged parking scofflaws
in court Wednesday. All of them were among the hundreds of people
who have been cited since last year by activist Maryann Cottrell,
the mother of a handicapped daughter.

Trotter told the judge he wanted to learn more about Cottrell's

"If it's a good cause I'd like to make a donation," he said.