No rolling roof, no Super Bowl at Arrowhead

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday
withdrew their request for Arrowhead Stadium to host the 2015 Super
Bowl, after yet another setback in plans for a rolling roof at the
Truman Sports Complex.

Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt said in a statement that Arrowhead Stadium
renovations would move forward without a roof to make it and the
adjacent Kauffman Stadium climate-controlled, a condition for
hosting the Super Bowl.

"We tried our very best," Hunt said, "but found that the
combination of a lack of consensus from the various political
interests, the business community and the Royals, as well as the
need for promptness on the beginning of construction at Arrowhead
would not permit us to pursue the rolling roof at this time."

The latest push to bring a rolling roof to the sports complex
ended Monday, when county officials withdrew a resolution to put
the project on the Aug. 8 ballot.

Hunt said renovations at Arrowhead would be designed to
accommodate a roof in case local leaders eventually decide to add
one. He urged the Royals to do the same at Kauffman.